There are two types of discipline in the campus academic and non-academic. Ragging comes under non-academic indiscipline. Crime committed in educational institutions cannot be kept out of the pale of laws since educational institution, particularly institutions of higher of this country. Great values will be dear to us and we are beholden to cherish them in every walk of life. It is only a minority that indulges in unlawful activities. The vagaries of a small minority should not impair the quality of life in educational institutions. Evil must be rooted out. In this regards the students and the parents of this college may take note of the following instructions received by the principal from the government and the university:

  1. On no account shall ragging in any form be permitted inside or outside the campus of the college or hostels.
  2. The principal shall report all instances involving ragging in any form in the college and hostel to the police promptly and without fail.
  3. Any lapse in this regard will be viewed very seriously by the govt. and the principal will be fully and exclusively accountable for it.
  4. As per the directive of Raghavan Committee, the college should mention in their prospectus/brochure/handbook, the total number of ‘Ragging incidents taken place in the institution in each year for information to the public.
  5. An anti-ragging committee is functioning in the college with the principal as chairman, to look into the ragging incidents, if any, and take appropriate action.