The Department offers post graduate course in Biochemistry. Biochemistry is the point where Chemistry, Biology & Medicine meet. It deals with the molecular interactions between various intra and intercellular compartments of living organisms and diseases. Biochemistry provides the foundation of many disciplines opening up huge potential for future career and placement for students who successfully completes the course.

Our department has excellent faculty and laboratory with all necessary equipment required for different areas of Biochemistry. Our students have scored 3 first ranks and 1 second rank in 3 consecutive years in Mahatma Gandhi University. Many of our students have cleared JRF and are doing research at various CSIR institutions.

The course helps in the developing the skills needed to work in

  • Biomedical research
  • Hospital laboratory
  • Forensic science
  • Agriculture and fisheries
  • Educational institutes
  • Research departments
  • Drug discovery
  • Food institute
  • Pharmaceutical company