Our Proud Rank Holders

Over the years, our college has won many laurels and thus ensured an enviable place of honour.
Following are our proud rank holders:-

1Sino Hilalll Rank2006B.Sc Biotechnology
2Merin Abrahamll Rank2007B.Sc Microbiology
3Mona Elizabeth Upotlll Rank2007B.Sc Microbiology
4Subha  S Nairll Rank2008M.Sc Biotechnology
5Ancy V Sasil Rank2008B.Sc Microbiology
6Simi Manzoorlll Rank2008B.Sc Microbiology
7Surekha Slll Rank2008B.Sc Biotechnology
8Surya Rajul Rank2008B.Sc Biochemistry
9Arathi Krishnall Rank2008B.Sc Biochemistry
10Vishnupriya Rlll Rank2008B.Sc Biochemistry
11Anju Chandranl Rank2009M.Sc Microbiology
12Shiny Dina Varghesel Rank2009B.Sc Microbiology
13Anuradha Nairl Rank2009B.Sc Biotechnology
14Renu Thomasl Rank2010B.com Computer Application
15Chithra R Chandranll Rank2010B.Sc Biotechnology
16Uthara Vijay Rl Rank2011B.Sc Computer Science
17Deepthi Anna Vargheselll Rank2011B.Com Computer Application
18Anumol Aniyanl Rank2011B.Sc Microbiology
19Swapna Satheeshll Rank2011B.Sc Microbiology
20Riyamol Varghesell Rank2011M.Sc Microbiology
21Simi Mariam Johnl Rank2011M.Sc Food Science & Quality Control
22Anjana Georgel Rank2012M.Sc Food Science & Quality Control
23Anumol Aniyanl Rank2013M.Sc Microbiology
24Swapna SatheeshlV Rank2013M.Sc Microbiology
25Gipthi Mohanl Rank2013M.Sc Food Science & Quality Control
26Anusha Vlll Rank2015M.Sc Biotechnology
27Lindu PeterI Rank2015M.Sc Food Science & Quality Control
28Gitty GeevargheseII Rank2015M.Sc Food Science & Quality Control
29Swathy PushpangathanIII Rank2015M.Sc Food Science & Quality Control
30Jesvin PixyI Rank2015M.Sc Microbiology
31Kalpana K NairIII Rank2015M.Sc Microbiology
32Sruthi.S PillaiI Rank2016B.Sc Biotechnology
33Gowri.V.PI Rank2016M.Sc Biochemistry
34Dhanya KrishnanIII Rank2016M.Sc Biochemistry
35Krishna Priya P.SI Rank2017M.Sc Biochemistry
36Gouri Parvathy M.S.l RankM.Sc Biochemistry
37Swathy Satheesh lll RankM.Sc Biotechnology
38Sruthy S. PillailV RankM.Sc Biotechnology
39Seena Grace Mathewlll RankM.Sc Microbiology
40Ressin Varghese ll RankB.Sc Biotechnology
41Sneha MariamlV RankB.Sc Biotechnology
42Sneha Achamma ChandylV RankB.Sc Microbiology
43Anns Annie GigiI Rank2019M.Sc Food Technology
44Noufiya NIV Rank2019M.Sc Food Technology
45Prathyasa P BabuVII Rank2019M.Sc Food Technology
46Bincy JII Rank2019M.Sc Microbiology
47Kaviya KrishnaII Rank2019M.Sc Microbiology