The biotech industry is becoming the single largest sector for employing skilled personnel. A lot of career opportunities are likely to open up in bioscience and biology in the immediate future. The application of biosciences in various relams, including production of biological and biotech products, pharmaceuticals, food testing , and even in criminal investigation are steadily increasing .This would trigger demand for trained professional and lead to  a spurt in job prospects . Teaching and training in Biotechnology are the other areasof career options.

  The college conducts both B.Sc and M.Sc courses in Biotechnology and these enable the students to get jobs in the following areas:



        Production of various diagnostic kits

        Human Genome Project

        DNA transfer techniques and cloning

        Agricultural field for crop improvement, GM foods, Biopesticides, Bioinsecticides, Bioherbicides etc.

        Marine and agricultural Technology

        Various National and International Research Institutes

        Enzyme engineering

        Production of vaccines

        Waste water treatment

        Industrial sector


        Genomics and Proteomics

Development of biosensors and Biochip